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Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) facilitates the movement of payments around the world and serves as a critical link between our partners — Financial Institutions, Retailers, Service Providers — and their end Consumers, both locally and globally. Founded in 1994, Euronet has established itself as a leading electronic payments provider. Euronet's customers are served from three core business segments: Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT - including Payments Software), Prepaid (epay) and Money Transfer. In 2015, the Company processed approximately $74 billion in ATM, prepaid and money transfer payments for approximately 200 financial institutions, 200 mobile operators, approximately 599,000 retailer and agent locations, and millions of individual consumers worldwide.

Euronet's accomplishments include:

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Euronet provides secure electronic payment solutions for Financial Institutions, Retailers, Service Providers and individual Consumers, processing more than two billion transactions annually. Euronet is comprised of three primary business segments:

With 5,600 employees in 55 countries, today Euronet's mission of extending the convenience and simplicity of electronic financial payment solutions continues with the support of our dedicated people, integrated products and global presence.

Electronic Financial TransactionsPrepaid ProcessingMoney Transfer

Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT – Including Payments Software)

The Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT – including Payments Software) Segment provides comprehensive electronic payment solutions consisting of Independent ATM Networks (IADs); ATM network participation; ATM outsourcing – including Automated Deposit Terminals (ADTs), POS solutions; credit and debit card outsourcing; card issuing and merchant acquiring services; value-added service products and a suite of integrated EFT software solutions for electronic payment and transaction delivery systems. Today our EFT Segment:

  • Operates Independent ATM Networks (also called Shared Networks) in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Malaysia, Ireland, Belgium, Malta and the United Kingdom
  • Owns and operates transaction processing centers in Hungary, Pakistan, India and China
  • Processes transactions for a network of 29,276 ATMs and approximately 156,000 POS terminals in 52 countries
  • Dispenses approximately $32 billion in cash from ATMs and processes approximately 1.3 billion transactions annually.
  • Provides payments software solutions to approximately 120 customers in 50 countries

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Prepaid (epay)

Our Prepaid (epay) Segment provides electronic payment products and services to enable service providers to reach their end consumers. epay's product portfolio includes top-up or recharge services for prepaid mobile airtime; prepaid debit cards and e-wallets; payment services for bills, road tolls and money transfer; and marketing and distribution services for gift cards, digital content, lottery and transport tickets. Today our Prepaid Segment:

  • Operates a worldwide network of approximately 647,000 POS terminals across approximately 304,000 retailer locations in 35 countries
  • Offers a full cash collection and settlement service
  • Processes approximately $11 billion and approximately 1.3 billion transactions annually

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Money Transfer

Our Money Transfer segment consists of four brands, Ria Money Transfer (Ria), HiFX, IME and XE. Ria and IME provide global consumer-to-consumer money transfer services through a sending network of agents and Company-owned stores and on-line, disbursing money transfers through a worldwide payer network. In addition to money transfers, Ria offers consumers bill payment services, prepaid debit cards, check cashing and other financial services.

HiFX and XE provide on-line initiated, account-to-account international payment and foreign exchange services to businesses and high net worth individuals.

Today our Money Transfer Segment:

  • Owns and operates a transaction processing centers in the United States, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
  • Provides electronic consumer-to-consumer money transfer services from 32 countries through a network of approximately 314,000 locations comprising of send and payout/correspondent agents serving approximately 144 countries
  • Processes approximately $27 billion in money transfers annually

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